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John M Daniel

John has over forty years of experience leading human resources at large publicly traded banking companies. He is a recognized thought leader and speaks frequently on culture, leadership, human behavior, and change management.

He is active in the community serving on multiple non-profit boards, all focused on human and social capital. He has a particular passion for diversity and inclusion and decreasing economic inequality

Since retiring from First Horizon in December of 2020, John is serving a one year appointment as a Fellow in the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University. He is also actively consulting, speaking, and writing.

John is a heart transplant survivor and volunteers with and has providing funding for initiatives sponsored by the American Heart Association. He has received awards and recognition for his talks on resiliency and human flourishing.

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Culture by Design vs Culture by Accident

In August 2020, John joined the Greater Memphis Chamber for their Culture Webinar Series and covered the topic Culture by Design vs Culture by Accident.


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